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Cloud-based Accounting Software vs Spreadsheet: Which to Use?

Are you caught up in a tussle over which accounting solution to choose for your small business? Cannot decide on whether to invest in a cloud-based accounting solution or get going with Google spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel? Or, are you thinking of leaving the entire matter to a full-time accountant? Allow us to walk you […]

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How to know which Accounting Software is best for Small Businesses

Never make the mistake of delaying Accounting tasks, even if you have just started your business. Accounting is not about preparing financial statements that one presents to the tax department. In fact, it is about tracking your finances in real time so that you may never take an uninformed decision. If you do not keep […]

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How to set up Quick Invoice and Credit Notes

Do you have too many customer invoices to handle while you are pressed for time? Create quick sales invoices for multiple customers at a go. Split them, assign account codes for each invoice using any device with Surf Accounts online quick sales invoice. Select ‘Invoices and Credit notes’ under ‘Sales’ and select the ‘Quick Invoice’ […]

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How to create Recurring Invoices

Check out the simplest way to auto generate recurring invoices for regular customers. Do it at your convenience with Surf Accounts, your most user-friendly cloud-based accounting software. You can easily create a recurring invoice from a detailed invoice. Set up your customer/product details and invoice details in advance to make the process quick. Follow these […]

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How to change your Invoice Design

Surf Accounts’ default Invoice Template covers the mandatory fields that a standard invoice in India must have, to be accepted without reservation by any organisation. However, there could be extra information, sections or designs that a business may require to add keeping in mind varying protocols and expectations. Surf Accounts, an online GST accounting software […]

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Know how you can Enable Branches of Accounting to Compartmentalise Transactions

Surf Accounts online software let you compartmentalise business accounting according to departments. For example, your business might have cost centres that incur expenses. These could be administrative or operative departments which do not contribute to direct revenue generation. You can denote all the departments (both revenue making and non-revenue making) using the ‘Divisions’ and ‘Subdivisions’ […]

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You can Control the way your Users Access Financial Information: Find out How

Business and accountants can not only carry out collaborative operations using an online accounting software like Surf Accounts by inviting new users, they can also regulate the degree to which these same users have access to financial records. Let’s find out how. On the ‘Settings’ page, click on the option ‘Users’. You can ‘invite’ one […]

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How to Add Extra Users

Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software allowing businesses and accountants to work in a collaborative environment anytime and from anywhere. Businesses can invite one or more users to manage their businesses. For example, if you are a business maintaining your books on Surf accounts, you can invite your accountant to supervise accounting responsibilities. Similarly, […]

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How to open a Trial Business if you are an Accountant?

Both businesses and accountants can sign up to the 30-day free trial business on Surf Accounts, a cloud-based accounting solution, to get a comprehensive understanding of the software. If you are an accountant looking to set up your first business on Surf Accounts Go to the Accountants page and click the ‘Sign up as an […]

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How to Set up your First Business with Surf Accounts

Set up a free 30-day trial business to test all the features of Surf accounts, a cloud-based accounting software. Learn how to open your first trial business in these easy steps. Click the ‘Give it a try’ option on the homepage of Surf accounts India. The user setup page will be opened. Here you will […]

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