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Know how you can Enable Branches of Accounting to Compartmentalise Transactions

Surf Accounts online software let you compartmentalise business accounting according to departments. For example, your business might have cost centres that incur expenses. These could be administrative or operative departments which do not contribute to direct revenue generation. You can denote all the departments (both revenue making and non-revenue making) using the ‘Divisions’ and ‘Subdivisions’ […]

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You can Control the way your Users Access Financial Information: Find out How

Business and accountants can not only carry out collaborative operations using an online accounting software like Surf Accounts by inviting new users, they can also regulate the degree to which these same users have access to financial records. Let’s find out how. On the ‘Settings’ page, click on the option ‘Users’. You can ‘invite’ one […]

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How to Add Extra Users

Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software allowing businesses and accountants to work in a collaborative environment anytime and from anywhere. Businesses can invite one or more users to manage their businesses. For example, if you are a business maintaining your books on Surf accounts, you can invite your accountant to supervise accounting responsibilities. Similarly, […]

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How to open a Trial Business if you are an Accountant?

Both businesses and accountants can sign up to the 30-day free trial business on Surf Accounts, a cloud-based accounting solution, to get a comprehensive understanding of the software. If you are an accountant looking to set up your first business on Surf Accounts Go to the Accountants page and click the ‘Sign up as an […]

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How to Set up your First Business with Surf Accounts

Set up a free 30-day trial business to test all the features of Surf accounts, a cloud-based accounting software. Learn how to open your first trial business in these easy steps. Click the ‘Give it a try’ option on the homepage of Surf accounts India. The user setup page will be opened. Here you will […]

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What must Accountants do to handle Clients while dealing with the Impact of COVID-19

Accountants-dealing-with-the-Impact -of-COVID-19

Businesses will have a hard time in figuring out the best strategies for restructuring operations until accountants come to the rescue and start compartmentalising finances. According to Deloitte, accountants will first have to identify the affected zones. The following are the areas that would be generally affected due to a nationwide lockdown. Production Disruption in […]

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Things to learn from Businesses that have done well during the COVID-19 Crisis


Businesses dealing with essential commodities are undoubtedly in a better position than those who were forced to halt operations completely after the announcement of the lockdown, even though the sudden spurt in consumption – that happened in the first two quarters of the lockdown as a result of an uncertainty regarding the availability of supplies […]

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What would it take for Businesses to Revive from the COVID-19 Economic Crisis?


The RBI and the Indian government together have worked out some measures like relief funds and free ration to the poor, cut in the repo rate, relaxation in repatriation of export proceeds, increase in the state-wise Ways and Means Advances credit limit and a moratorium of 3 months to alleviate, to some extent, the economic […]

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What Lies Ahead for The IT Industry in A Post Pandemic World?

IT Industry in a post Pandemic World

According to Kotak Institutional equities, the growth in the IT sector in India will decrease by 3 – 8% due to the global shutdown of operations caused by the pandemic COVID-19. Among those worst-hit will be the small IT/digital-service outsourcing firms who depend on short-term projects provided by overseas clients. For them business continuity would […]

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How can Businesses Recover from the Covid-19 Onslaught?

How can Businesses Recover from the Covid-19

This article illustrates the survival strategies that businesses need to adopt at the present, along with future endeavours which must be thought out as the recovery mode is turned on. After outlining a Rs 1.7 billion package for the poor, adversely hit by the nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19, officials have reported that the […]

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