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The Fight Against Covid-19 And the Fiscal Measures Taken in India So Far

Fight against Covid-19 and the-Fiscal-Measures-taken-in-India

The article complies expert opinions on what the government of India and the financial bodies should collectively do to abate the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 along with a slew of measures that have already been rolled out as part of an initial stage treatment. To help the poor – especially migrant labourers, daily wagers […]

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A Study on How Countries Previously Responded to An Economic Crisis: Failures, Success and The Road Ahead

This article illustrates reforms and policies in the light of previous economic crises and juxtaposes them with the current fight against the one caused by the pandemic Covid-19, focusing on what should be done, what has been done and what lies ahead. Within the span of a decade, the world got to see two recessions […]

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How is your financial data in safe hands with Surf Accounts?

cloud-based accounting software in India

Keeping in pace with the immediate need of the hour, which is, ease of operations, we at Surf Accounts decided to launch our cloud-based accounting software in India after its huge success in Ireland. However, jumping on the latest bandwagon without testing its engines would not have been a scrupulous undertaking. Therefore, after conducting a […]

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Team Surf Accounts Interacts with Internal Auditors at the ITC Royal Bengal

What has machine and deep learning got to do with the future of Internal Auditors and System Audit? What are the parameters along which the evolving frontier of internal auditing will be built? These were some of the questions addressed at the 27th Annual Conference hosted by The Institute of Internal Auditors India in its […]

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Accounting Software Key Features you must look for

Online Accounting Software

Your choice of an accounting software should be determined by five primary factors: The volume of manual workload it can reduce Usability quotient and ease of navigation Maximum operational flexibility Availability of software support Customisations of key features according to needs The basic question is how to find a good fit. Could one solution fulfil […]

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How can Automating 90% of your Bookkeeping Improve Productivity

According to a Bloomberg report, manual data entry incurs tax and accounting mistakes in 27.5% of the companies. Automate operations to embrace precision and improve productivity. Take for example, bank reconciliation, which is a dull and an extremely long process when done manually. Automating the task saves time and effort. Like bank reconciliation you can […]

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Surf Accounts India participates in the Regional Conference hosted by ICAI

Our team at Surf Accounts India successfully participated in the 44th instalment of the Conference of the Eastern India Regional Council (EIRC) in association with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), held at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata. In this two-day event held on the 20th and 21st of December 2019, we […]

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Why must Accountants get a Cloud-based Accounting Software Today

Cloud Hosted Accounting Software

By using a cloud-based accounting software you can complete tasks with clarity and half the effort. Minimize data entry, optimize time and increase accuracy. Get access to your client data remotely, anywhere and anytime. Get all the features you require to accomplish accounting responsibilities with superior data security. Save time by reducing client visits, and […]

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Why must you Import your Bank Feeds on Surf Accounts

online accounting software

Import your bank statements to Surf Accounts on a CSV file. Tally your bank statements with the receipt and payments maintained in the system. You can add transactional details against each bank debit/credit in accordance to your books. With an online accounting software get the benefit of performing all the above tasks anywhere, anytime. Let’s […]

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10 Invoicing Rules You Must Follow To Improve Cash Flow

online invoicing software

As a businessperson you wish for things to be straightforward with your customers. You provide service; you get paid; period. However, customers are likely to delay payments. So, what is to be done? Some of the most common and known properties of an invoicing include invoice details, payment terms, product catalogues etc. But are you […]

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