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How is your financial data in safe hands with Surf Accounts?

Keeping in pace with the immediate need of the hour, which is, ease of operations, we at Surf Accounts decided to launch our cloud-based accounting software in India after its huge success in Ireland. However, jumping on the latest bandwagon without testing its engines would not have been a scrupulous undertaking. Therefore, after conducting a thorough research on how cloud computing corroborates data security, and evaluating its viability, we selected Microsoft Azure as our data centre. Here’s a brief of why you should trust Surf Accounts with your mission critical accounting data which is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

    1. To help prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the Azure network, controls such as just-in-time access and privileged access workstations limit work in tandem.

    2. Customers of different networks are kept separate, and therefore, inaccessible to each other, using networking virtualization methods. Not only that, customer networks are segregated from those of the management to protect them from attacks targeting management networks.

    3. To ensure uninterrupted service, Azure’s secure network has built-in mechanisms to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

    4. Azure is the first cloud platform to ensure data security in cloud through Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), which is a portion of memory on a server where customer data is stored. Anyone from outside of TEE is barred from viewing and modifying any data inside the TEEs.

    5. The Microsoft Azure global security incident management team and the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) work hand in hand to ensure data security in cloud.
    Two separate teams work to respond to incidents by detecting, assessing, diagnosing, stabilizing and finally closing a security threat – one team compromises the Azure infrastructure, and the other team defends the attacks and codifies new learnings into the systems in a continuous process.
    Microsoft works with an international team of attorneys, investigators, data scientists, engineers, analysts, and business professionals to combat digital crime using advanced forensics and legal strategies.

    6. Customers such as Royal Bank of Canada and T-Mobile rely on Azure’s cloud-based confidential computing for the ultimate protection of their mission critical data.

    7. Microsoft provides a hassle-free one-click backup support for database and virtual machines operating in Azure.

    8. Users always get a multifactor authentication through a security PIN from the Azure portal. However, in the case of unauthorised access, deleted backups are retained for up to 14 days while your data is encrypted by default.

    9. In November 2017, Microsoft became one of the first global cloud service providers to achieve full accreditation by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India, for its cloud models.

    10. Microsoft’s recovery point and recovery time objectives are super advanced and therefore equipped to produce superfast recovery

With more than 3500 cybersecurity experts working to keep your data secure, Azure’s current investment stand at USD 1 billion+ in revolutionising security measures. So, enjoy online bookkeeping through Surf Accounts and let Microsoft Azure’s robust data centre protect your financial data from prying eyes.