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How to Add Extra Users

Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software allowing businesses and accountants to work in a collaborative environment anytime and from anywhere. Businesses can invite one or more users to manage their businesses. For example, if you are a business maintaining your books on Surf accounts, you can invite your accountant to supervise accounting responsibilities. Similarly, you can also invite your sales representatives to update CRM and sales pipeline commensurate with latest developments and the likes, to stay on top of things 24/7.

Accountants can distribute responsibilities and make operations lean by inviting clients, or assistants/colleagues to clients’ books, and allocate tasks to individuals.

Before inviting a user, make sure he/she has an account with Surf Accounts. If you are on a 30-day free trial, you would be able to add one user. However, if you purchase a business plan the number of users you would be able to add will depend on the pricing plan.

  • Go to settings
  • Click the option ‘Users’ under General Setup
  • Click the option ‘Invite User’ on the User Access page
  • Enter the user details like email, forename, and surname on the Invite User window.
  • Grant permissions to a user to the various sections of your business, by ticking the checkboxes under Customer Setup according to your terms and conditions.
  • Click Save to add your new user.