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How to change your Invoice Design

Surf Accounts’ default Invoice Template covers the mandatory fields that a standard invoice in India must have, to be accepted without reservation by any organisation.

However, there could be extra information, sections or designs that a business may require to add keeping in mind varying protocols and expectations. Surf Accounts, an online GST accounting software integrates a complete range of invoice customisation options for you to add the required details seamlessly.

Go to ‘Settings’ after logging in and click ‘Transaction Other Information’ under ‘Invoicing / Print Templates’ to add a custom field or information.

On clicking the ‘Transaction Other Information’ a window will appear where you can enter the ‘caption’, for example PAN number, and select

  • The field type, whether it is text-based, numeric, a memo or a yes / no based comment.
  • The field size, where you enter the number of characters for your caption (text / numerical)
  • Decimal places in case of numeric data
  • Now, you must select where you want the custom information to be reflected. The standard invoice is divided into grids. So, you may select ‘Grid’. To accommodate the custom data in the grid, click ‘Invoice Column Setup’ under the ‘Invoicing / Print Templates’ under ‘Settings’. On the window that appears you will find many components of the invoice which cannot be removed or edited. Apart from those there will be columns which you can deselect. Here, you will find the custom field which you have added. You can use the ‘Position’ column to reorder the position of the data, keeping in mind the sequential progression of the invoice columns from left to right. Use the ‘Width’ column to adjust the space, however, not exceeding 885 px.

    You can also adjust the custom information in the Advanced Window. To do so select the ‘Show On’ as ‘Advanced’ instead of ‘Grid’ under the ‘Transaction Other Information’.

    Go to ‘Print Templates’ under ‘Transaction Other Information’ and make sure that the header details of the Template Setup of your choosing under ‘Show Other Information’ is selected. Set the position of the field maintaining the sequential order in the ‘Column’ section of the Template Setup under ‘Print Templates’.

    Now, while preparing an invoice choose the ‘Advanced’ option which appears once you click the down arrow upon selecting an Invoice details row. In the ‘Advanced Window’ you will find the custom field that you have added. Enter the numeric / text to see it reflected on the Print Invoice preview.

    You can manage your invoices easily from different cost centres or sources from a single place using Surf Accounts’ multiple template layouts. Since this is an online GST accounting software, you can create these branches in real time using any device. Go to the ‘Print Templates’ option under Invoicing / Print templates in ‘Settings’.

    Select the checkbox if you need to use more than one layout for your invoices and other documents. Three sets of templates for all your accounting records will appear. For your invoices you can click on, for example, Sales Invoice Template and change, add or remove the logo or change the document title to, for example, Proforma Invoice, or anything else. You can also customise paper size and margin, select / deselect headers / footer details according to needs, modify the sequence of the invoice details, save, and preview the IGST / GST template before sending it to your customers / supplier.