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How to create Recurring Invoices

Check out the simplest way to auto generate recurring invoices for regular customers. Do it at your convenience with Surf Accounts, your most user-friendly cloud-based accounting software.

You can easily create a recurring invoice from a detailed invoice. Set up your customer/product details and invoice details in advance to make the process quick. Follow these steps.

Choose the invoice you wish to make recurring from ‘Invoices and Credit Notes’ under Sales.

Click the dropdown arrow against the invoice of your choosing and click ‘Make Recurring’.

Details pertaining to Product, Customer, Account Manager will be auto filled.

You will have to enter

  • A unique reference number
  • The invoice delivery address.
  • The frequencies at which you want your invoice to recur; weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • The frequency within the weekly, monthly, or yearly duration at which the invoice should recur, for example, 5 times.
  • The date of the first recurrence.
  • The next due date remains the same as the first date of recurrence until you generate the invoice.
  • Select the status of the recurrences:
    1. Select ‘Print’ to generate the recurring invoices.
    2. Select ‘Email’ to send the invoice via mail.
    3. In case you wish to keep the recurrence on hold, select ‘On Hold’.
    4. Select ‘Closed’ when you want to stop the recurrence.
  • Provide the ending Date of the recurring invoice or select the number to specify the number of times the invoice should recur or save to ‘Never’ if you are not sure about the closing date.
  • Enter the Place of Supply.
  • You can generate one or more recurring invoices to have all of them reflected on the Sales Invoices page.

    Go to ‘Recurring Invoices’ under ‘Sales’.

    The list of the recurring invoices you have set up will show up. Let us assume that you have not generated any of the invoices. In that case, the No. of Posted will remain 0. Once you select an invoice and click the option ‘Generate Invoices’, you would be given the option to enter the subsequent invoice due date. After entering the next due date, click ‘Generate’. If you have selected the number of times the invoice will recur, as 5, the total value of the 5 invoices will show up as a Confirmation Message. Click ‘Yes’ to have them reflected on the Sales Invoice page.