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Know how you can Enable Branches of Accounting to Compartmentalise Transactions

Surf Accounts online software let you compartmentalise business accounting according to departments. For example, your business might have cost centres that incur expenses. These could be administrative or operative departments which do not contribute to direct revenue generation. You can denote all the departments (both revenue making and non-revenue making) using the ‘Divisions’ and ‘Subdivisions’ options.

Go to the ‘settings’ page.

Under the heading ‘Accounts’ click ‘Divisions’.
On the ‘Divisions’ page after selecting ‘Use Divisions’ you will have to fill in certain details. These include

  • A short name of the division to be reflected as headings on transaction purchase invoices.
  • A long description of the division for ease of identification.
  • A code for the division to appear on transactions.
  • By default, there are two divisions which you can fill up. You can add more according to requirements.

    You can also ‘Subdivide’ a division into sections. Like the ‘Divisions’ slot, you will have to fill in sections pertaining to the long and short name and the description of the subdivisions along with codes, for ease of identification and referencing on transactions.