Five Ways Technology is Transforming Accounting

cloud-hosted accounting solutions

Overview Technology has been changing accounting by not only improving how accounting is performed but also changing the accountants’ roles. Most accounting tasks are being automated and accountants are transitioning to a business advisor role. Organisations are now getting more out of their investments as daily tasks like invoice creation, reconciliation and report generation are […]

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Cloud-based Accounting Software vs Spreadsheet: Which to Use?

Are you caught up in a tussle over which accounting solution to choose for your small business? Cannot decide on whether to invest in a cloud-based accounting solution or get going with Google spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel? Or, are you thinking of leaving the entire matter to a full-time accountant? Allow us to walk you […]

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How to know which Accounting Software is best for Small Businesses

Never make the mistake of delaying Accounting tasks, even if you have just started your business. Accounting is not about preparing financial statements that one presents to the tax department. In fact, it is about tracking your finances in real time so that you may never take an uninformed decision. If you do not keep […]

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How to create Recurring Invoices

Check out the simplest way to auto generate recurring invoices for regular customers. Do it at your convenience with Surf Accounts, your most user-friendly cloud-based accounting software. You can easily create a recurring invoice from a detailed invoice. Set up your customer/product details and invoice details in advance to make the process quick. Follow these […]

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How to Add Extra Users

Surf Accounts is a cloud-based accounting software allowing businesses and accountants to work in a collaborative environment anytime and from anywhere. Businesses can invite one or more users to manage their businesses. For example, if you are a business maintaining your books on Surf accounts, you can invite your accountant to supervise accounting responsibilities. Similarly, […]

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How to Set up your First Business with Surf Accounts

Set up a free 30-day trial business to test all the features of Surf accounts, a cloud-based accounting software. Learn how to open your first trial business in these easy steps. Click the ‘Give it a try’ option on the homepage of Surf accounts India. The user setup page will be opened. Here you will […]

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What must Accountants do to handle Clients while dealing with the Impact of COVID-19

Accountants-dealing-with-the-Impact -of-COVID-19

Businesses will have a hard time in figuring out the best strategies for restructuring operations until accountants come to the rescue and start compartmentalising finances. According to Deloitte, accountants will first have to identify the affected zones. The following are the areas that would be generally affected due to a nationwide lockdown. Production Disruption in […]

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Team Surf Accounts Interacts with Internal Auditors at the ITC Royal Bengal

What has machine and deep learning got to do with the future of Internal Auditors and System Audit? What are the parameters along which the evolving frontier of internal auditing will be built? These were some of the questions addressed at the 27th Annual Conference hosted by The Institute of Internal Auditors India in its […]

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Accounting Software Key Features you must look for

Online Accounting Software

Your choice of an accounting software should be determined by five primary factors: The volume of manual workload it can reduce Usability quotient and ease of navigation Maximum operational flexibility Availability of software support Customisations of key features according to needs The basic question is how to find a good fit. Could one solution fulfil […]

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How can Automating 90% of your Bookkeeping Improve Productivity

According to a Bloomberg report, manual data entry incurs tax and accounting mistakes in 27.5% of the companies. Automate operations to embrace precision and improve productivity. Take for example, bank reconciliation, which is a dull and an extremely long process when done manually. Automating the task saves time and effort. Like bank reconciliation you can […]

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