What would it take for Businesses to Revive from the COVID-19 Economic Crisis?


The RBI and the Indian government together have worked out some measures like relief funds and free ration to the poor, cut in the repo rate, relaxation in repatriation of export proceeds, increase in the state-wise Ways and Means Advances credit limit and a moratorium of 3 months to alleviate, to some extent, the economic […]

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The Fight Against Covid-19 And the Fiscal Measures Taken in India So Far

Fight against Covid-19 and the-Fiscal-Measures-taken-in-India

The article compiles expert opinions on what the government of India and the financial bodies should collectively do to abate the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 along with a slew of measures that have already been rolled out as part of an initial stage treatment. To help the poor – especially migrant labourers, daily wagers […]

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A Study on How Countries Previously Responded to An Economic Crisis: Failures, Success and The Road Ahead

This article illustrates reforms and policies in the light of previous economic crises and juxtaposes them with the current fight against the one caused by the pandemic Covid-19, focusing on what should be done, what has been done and what lies ahead. Within the span of a decade, the world got to see two recessions […]

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