What Lies Ahead for The IT Industry in A Post Pandemic World?

IT Industry in a post Pandemic World

According to Kotak Institutional equities, the growth in the IT sector in India will decrease by 3 – 8% due to the global shutdown of operations caused by the pandemic COVID-19. Among those worst-hit will be the small IT/digital-service outsourcing firms who depend on short-term projects provided by overseas clients. For them business continuity would […]

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How can Businesses Recover from the Covid-19 Onslaught?

How can Businesses Recover from the Covid-19

This article illustrates the survival strategies that businesses need to adopt at the present, along with future endeavours which must be thought out as the recovery mode is turned on. After outlining a Rs 1.7 billion package for the poor, adversely hit by the nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19, officials have reported that the […]

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