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You can Control the way your Users Access Financial Information: Find out How

Business and accountants can not only carry out collaborative operations using an online accounting software like Surf Accounts by inviting new users, they can also regulate the degree to which these same users have access to financial records. Let’s find out how.

On the ‘Settings’ page, click on the option ‘Users’. You can ‘invite’ one or more users according to your pricing plan if you have signed up as a business. In the case of a Trial business, you will be only given an option to invite an advisor, most preferably an accountant.

All you need to do is enter the User details including the Forename, Surname, and the respective email address after clicking the ‘Invite User’ option. A verification mail would be sent to the user and he/she can log in to your business by creating a new password.

Before your user signs in, you have to grant access to your user(s) by selecting the checkboxes under the Customer Setup dialogue box, which is also the Permission window, that will appear below the ‘Invite User’ option. These checkboxes serve as access points to your books and business details. Both businesses and accountants can control access for each user by selecting and saving only the checkboxes/access points to which one is willing to grant permission, and thus maintain the confidentiality of business information. This is especially beneficial to accountants having multiple users, as they can

  • Segregate assignments for every user
  • Encourage better streamlining of data from a user’s perspective
  • Reduce the amount of errors cropping out of mix-ups by compartmentalising tasks
  • You can update permission for a user by clicking the user email link and selecting/deselecting checkboxes on the Permission window.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a user who has already been created, removed?

    Yes, you can remove a User who has already been created. Go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Users’ so that the User Access page with the list of users you have granted access to opens. Here, click the drop-down button against the user you wish to remove, and select the ‘Remove’ option. When you remove a user, the user loses access to your business. However, you cannot remove a user who has performed any transaction on the business.

    When can a primary account holder implement/update access control against a user?

    Surf Accounts is an online accounting software which means one can make changes whenever he/she deems fit, regardless of location and space, using any device as long as there is an internet connection.

    Is it possible to remove a user who has performed transactions on the business?

    No, you cannot directly remove the user in this case. But since your major purpose would be to prevent him/her from getting access to your business, you can simply ‘close’ the user. Go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Users’. Now click the drop-down button against the user you wish to close and select the ‘Close’ option. The user can get access to your business record, only if you restore him/her by clicking the ‘Open’ option in the drop box.

    How can the primary user change his/her log in credentials?

    It is not possible for a primary user to close his/her own account. Therefore, one may sign in using the login credentials of any of the added users to ‘close’ the primary account and then set up a new email and password using the ‘Invite User’ option. In the case of single users one can click on the ‘Invite Support’ option, so that the support team will close the current account. An activation link would be sent to the revised mail address and the user can set it up as the new log in.